H13 to H4 ZERO antiflicker harness

H13 to H4 ZERO antiflicker harness

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Harness is made to order
  • Harness is made to order, Gift Certs and Promo codes are not allowed on this product.
  • New Printed Circuit board design reduces cost while improving the already high quality.
  • All electronic circuitry is enclosed in protective enclosure.
  • Transforms from original H13 headlamp connector to H4.
  • Removes "flicker" from LED headlamps by smoothing out CANbus pulsed voltage.
  • Cleans up pulsed current from CANbus to allow use of relays.
  • Get Maximum Voltage to Your Headlamps!
  • Protects the wiring and switches by diverting most of the load away to the harness.
  • 40A Hella Relays. 
  • Trigger Cable plugs into stock Headlamp Connector with male H13 connectors. No cutting into stock wiring.
  • Fused 12Ga red power supply cable connects to positive battery terminal with ring connector. 
  • 12Ga Black ground cable connects to negative battery terminal with ring connector. 
  • 14Ga jacketed multi conductor cables with Ceramic Connectors supply full power to the headlamps.
  • All connections are crimped, soldered and shrink wrapped to the highest industrial standards.
  • Manufactured in the USA using US made wire and other high quality components.

NOTE: If this harness is installed in a vehicle with Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), the DRLs will operate in an unsafe and unlawful manner. Buyer is responsible for disabling the DRL function prior to installing the harness, and installing or activating non-headlamp DRLs if the vehicle is registered where DRLs are required. Rock Rash Offroad accepts no responsibility for consequences of failure to heed this warning.

If you need DRLs (ECE countries) you will need to install aftermarket DRLs. 

 It's not hard to disable the DRLs on a JK Wrangler; a dealer service department hooks up their diagnostic computer, navigates through the menus, and toggles the DRLs to "Off".

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